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BistroView Surveillance Systems services restaurants, bars, retail and commercial properties in San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties.

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We don't sell locks, doorknobs or alarm systems, we are specialists in commercial video security, with an emphasis on the hospitality industry. Our BistroView cameras are manufactured specifically for us, to our specification. All of our cameras and associated equipment are of commercial grade and will give you trouble free performance for years. All of our systems come with a two year ONSITE warrantee. Our analog line of cameras exceed 700 TV Lines of resolution and are computerized with over 50 variables to be able to adapt to your unique lighting environment.

Restaurants and Bars have a very unique security need. Cameras act as a deterrent
to criminal or inappropriate behavior. Cameras have saved operators from frivolous
lawsuits by employees as well as customers. Some establishments are closed during
the day, vendors have access to deliver goods and services, its good to know what
is going on when you are not there.
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BistroView Surveillance Systems